The Jazz Show Episode November 12, 2012

Broadcast on 12-Nov-2012

9:07pm - 9:07pm

One of the most unique and interesting musicians to ever visit our humble planet.Kirk began perfecting his mastery over three saxophones played at once, a concept that came to him in a dream. Kirk was sightless from a very young age so he lived in a world of sound.He played the tenor saxophone (his main horn) and the manzello (a soprano saxophone) and the stritch (an elongated alto saxophone) plus the flute and other instruments attached to his upper body. He was amazing sight to watch. At first he was dismissed as a gimmick but fans and critics soon found out that he was a major player.After moving to New York he was immediately signed to Mercury Records and recorded prolifically.He finished his career for Atlantic Records. He died at 42 of a stroke in 1977. Of all the albums that he made, this one called "Rip,Rig and Panic" stands as his masterpiece and we present it tonight as the Jazz Feature.Kirk performs with an all-star band that included the great Elvin Jones on drums, the wonderful Jaki Byard on piano and virtuoso Richard Davis on bass. Five originals by Kirk plus a great old standard called "Once In A While" and an original by Montreal pianist Milton Sealy called "Black Diamond" Kirk said this album is his concept of "expressing freedom" and it does.

Track Listing:

Tenor Madness
Sonny Rollins · Tenor Madness
Around The World
Ted Curson/Bill · Now Hear This!
The Leopard
Jes Swingin'
Black Lightning
Abdullah Ibrahim · Voice of Africa
Let's Face The Music
Sheila Jordan · Portrait of Sheila
Dat Dere
Hum Drum Blues
Boogaloo Joe Jones · Right On Brother
Right On!
Jackie McLean · Climax
All The Things You Are
Jimmy Heath · On The Trail
Jazz Feature:
No Tonic Prez
Roland Kirk · Rip,Rig and Panic
Once in a While
Bechet,Byas and Fats
Mystical Dreams
Rip,Rig and Panic
Black Diamond
Miles Davis · Nefertiti