The Jazz Show Episode November 5, 2012

Broadcast on 05-Nov-2012

9:02pm - 11:59pm

This is an unusual recording by these two major Jazz voices. Their association went back to the days when they were both in Miles Davis' sextet. By the time of this recording they were both leaders and poll winners. This date done in early 1961 brings out different characteristics of both musician. Adderley is more lyrical and gentle than his usually hard-driving self. Contrast this with the usually muted and introspective Mr. Evans who here plays with more abandon and is more outgoing than usual. The rhythm section is bassist Percy Heath and drummer Connie Kay and of course they while having all the swing and drive necessary also understand understatement and subtlety. The tunes chosen are also quite unusual as well and not your run-of-the mill standards. This album is unique in both the careers of Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evans....."Know What I Mean?"

Track Listing:

Pop Wine
Ted Curson · Pop Wine.
Song Of The Lonely One
LSD Takes A Holiday
Andrew Hill · Passing Ships
Passing Ships
Plantation Bog
The Song is You
Melinda Whitaker · Lucky So and So
I Guess I'll Hang my
Tears Out to Dry
I'm A Lucky So and So.
Suite from The
Miles Davis · Soundtrack from
"Elevator to the Gallows
Jazz Feature:
Waltz For Debby
Julian "Cannonball" · Know What I Mean?
Adderley & Bill Evans
Who Cares?
Nancy(With The
laughing face)
Know What I Mean?