The Jazz Show Episode May 2, 2011

Broadcast on 02-May-2011

9:00pm - 12:00am

Richard Arnold "Groove" Holmes was born on this day, May 2, 1931 in Camden New Jersey and was one of the great masters of the mighty Hammond B3 organ. Holmes, unlike most of the great B3 artists did NOT start on the piano and then switch but began on the Hammond. He developed his own sound that separated him from the other greats on that instrument. His strong point was his magnificent bass lines. Holmes for many years had a very successful career in Los Angeles and he made his first recorded appearance on the west coast Pacific Jazz label. The album is a goody and features a great cast. The official title is "Les McCann Presents The Dynamic Jazz Organ of Richard "Groove" Holmes". Pianist McCann was a best seller for Pacific Jazz records and he turned owner, Richard Bock onto Holmes talent. Holmes put together a fine recording band with McCann on unobtrusive piano, two great horn players in the persons of Lawrence "Tricky" Lofton on trombone and the great Ben Webster on tenor saxophone along with George Freeman on guitar and the tasty Ron Jefferson on drums. It' a fine debut with lots of neat arragements by Mr. Holmes and great playing by all. Holmes died in 1991 at age 60 from prostate cancer and he's missed as he was among the illustious pantheon of great Hammond organists. Happy Birthday Groove!!!!

Track Listing:

Jackie McLean · New Soil
Hip Strut
Minor Apprehension
A.K. Salim · Pretty for the People
Takin' Care of Business
What'd You Say?
Sean Smith · Trust
Bush League
Richard "Groove" · Soul Message
Song For My Father
Sonny Rollins · What's New?
Them That's Got
Richard "Groove" · Groove!
That Healin' Feelin'
Seven Come Eleven
Deep Purple
Good Groove
Just Friends