The Jazz Show Episode November 22, 2010

Broadcast on 22-Nov-2010

9:00pm - 12:00am

Jimmy Knepper was born today in Los Angeles on Nov. 22,1927 and passed away in 2003. Knepper was one of the foremost Jazz trombonists and had an unmistakable style. He wrote and arranged as well and tonight's Feature has all of Jimmy's unique tunes. His most famous association was with Charles Mingus from 1957 to 1962 and he appeared on some of Mingus' most famous classic recordings. Their association ended abruptly in 1962 after a fight but resumed in 1975 when Mingus said that he felt Jimmy was the very best Modern Jazz trombonist. Knepper recorded little under his own name but tonight's Feature is one of Jimmy's definitive recordings.

Jimmy hand picked the band and some of his favorite players are here including two from his Mingus days in the persons of "Sir Elf" Roland Hanna on piano and the great Dannie Richmond on drums plus George Mraz on bass and Al Cohn (in magnificent form) on tenor saxophone. All of the compositions are Jimmy's and they are all interesting in that some of them reflect a Mingus influence. The album is called "Cunningbird" and this is the only tune that Jimmy recorded before, all the rest were written for the date which was done in NYC in Nov. 1976. Happy Birthday Mr. Knepper....your music will be with us for a long time.

Track Listing:

Night Crawlers
Manny Albam · Something New /
Tin Roof Blues
Something Blue
Jammin' For Clef
Illinois Jacquet & Co · Jam Session #3
Sillie Willie
Roy Haynes · The Hip Ensemble
The Creators.
Harold Land/Bobby · Live in Ljubliana 1970
Gavin Walker · At The Classical Joint
Passions of a Woman Loved
Charles Mingus · Tonight at Noon.
Figment Fragment
Jimmy Knepper · Cunningbird
Just Tonight
Noche triste
Spotlight Girl