The Jazz Show Episode September 20, 2010

Broadcast on 20-Sep-2010

9:00pm - 12:00am

As part of The Jazz Show's tribute to Fall and the "back to work/school/grind" syndrome we present Part 2 of our educational and I hope, entertaining Jazz Feature explaining this unique American art form known as Jazz. Maestro Bernstein tells you with musical demonstrations by himself at the piano and guest artists like Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, Buster Bailey, Louis Armstrong etc. what is and what isn't Jazz. The second part is an an analysis of a "standard" tune (Sweet Sue) and the way different artists interpret and improvise on it with people like Phil Woods, Teo Macero and Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Leonard Bernstein is his usual eloquent and lucid self making the learning process fun and educational and will give one a basic idea of what Jazz is all about. Viva Leonard Bernstein!

Track Listing:

Dizzy Gillespie · For Musicians Only
Lover Come Back To Me
Dark Eyes
Renee Rosnes · Live at the Joint
Extensions of Billie's
Gavin Walker · Live at the Joint
An analysis and
Leonard Bernstein · What is Jazz.
history of Jazz.