The Jazz Show Episode July 12, 2010

Broadcast on 12-Jul-2010

9:00pm - 12:00am

Pianist/composer Bobby Timmons was responsible for a number of Jazz "hits" like "Moanin', "This Here" aka "Dish Hea", "Dat Dere" and of course he was a master of gospel/blues style piano. The other side of Timmons was his single note style which came from Bud Powell. Both these styles were woven into Timmons' concept. This album despite it's title: "The Soul Man" is more reflective of Timmons' Powell-like approach although his playing is still full of soul and feeling. Timmons is featured with a great band that has Wayne Shorter on tenor saxophone as the sole horn. Wayne was with Miles Davis at the time of this date in January 1966 as was bassist Ron Carter. The redoubtable Jimmy Cobb is on drums. Timmons penned two tunes for the date: The 5/4 opus called "Cut Me Loose Charlie" and "Damned If I Know". Shorter contributed "Tom Thumb": his affectionate name for Timmons. Carter wrote three tunes: "Ein Bahn Strasse" and two that were recorded by Miles Davis: "Tenaj" and "Little Waltz". This is a fine document by a very underrated piano stylist who, although he was recognized when he was with Blakey and Adderley seemed to fade from view and died in relative obscurity in 1974 at age 38. Bobby Timmons: The Soul Man!

Track Listing:

Paul Chambers · Chambers Music
Paul Chambers · Whims of Chambers
We Six
Two Visitors
Paul Chambers · East/Wesr Controversy
Early Morning Smog
The Hand of Love
Paul Chambers · The Paul Chambers 5
Paul Chambers · Bass On Top
Chamber Mates
Awful Mean
Paul Chambers · Go
Ease It.
Mopp Shoe Blues
Paul Chambers · 1st Bassman
Diminuendo and
Duke Ellington · Newport 1956
Crescendo in Blue
Cut Me Loose Charlie!
Bobby Timmons · The Soul Man
Tom Thumb
Ein Bahn Strasse
Damned If I Know
Little Waltz