The Jazz Show Episode May 31, 2010

Broadcast on 31-May-2010

9:00pm - 12:00am

This hard driving blues based modern Jazz session was co-led by two great products of a Chicago high school named DuSable which had a great music program headed by the legendary "Captain" Walter Dyett. One of the co-leaders is Bennie Green who was one of the early modern trombone masters. Although he isn't treated with the same reverence as J.J.Johnson, Bennie should be recognized as one of the pioneers of Modern Jazz. Gene Ammons is the other co-leader and he is now considered to be one of the major voices of the tenor saxophone. Gene had a huge sound and a way of playing and phrasing that has influenced scores of players. Sadly Bennie died in obscurity in 1977 and Gene passed away in 1974, finally recognized and given stature after being slagged for many years by snobby Jazz critics. Green and Ammons put together a great band for this November 1958 session. The "two Franks" from the Basie band were added in the persons of tenor saxophonist/arranger Frank Foster and tenor saxophonist/flutist Frank Wess. A great added plus was the bright, salty cornet of Nat Adderley. Tommy Flanagan is on piano, Eddie Jones on bass also from the Basie band and Albert "Tootie" Heath is on drums. The tunes are mostly blues based and easy to take but the solos are inspired and the session is coherent and has direction. A good date and a fine showcase for all the talents involved and fun to listen to!

Track Listing:

Juggin' Around
Bennie Green/Gene · The Swingin'est
Jim Dawg
Renee Rosnes/
Ana Maria
Bil Charlap
Inner Urge
Double Rainbow
The Great Lie
Gene Ammons · The Happy Blues
The Mingus-Griff Song.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk · Kirk in Denmark!
Mood Indigo
Listen Here!
Eddie Harris · Listen Here!
Hippy Dip
Jack McDuff · Hot Barbeque!
The Three Day Thang.
May Sun
Tomasz Stanko · Dark Eyes
Last Song
Juggin' Around
Bennie Green and · The Swingin'est!
Goin' South
Gene Ammons
Jim Dawg
A Little Ditty
Swingin' For Bennie