The Jazz Show Episode May 24, 2010

Broadcast on 24-May-2010

9:00pm - 12:00am

This album was the first domestic release of the music of Charles Mingus in the 70's. Mingus was inactive during the latter half of the 60's. Health and financial problems plus a lack of interest in continuing leading bands and creating music and a general sense of discouragement plagued Mingus during this time. He began playing toward the end of the decade and went on a tour of Europe with a great group and did some fine recordings over there. On his return he was contacted by the great producer Teo Macero to record of Columbia. Macero and Mingus went back a long time as Macero played tenor saxophone with Mingus in the mid-50's. Columbia's budget was big enough for Mingus to put together a dream band (he always wanted to tour and perform with a large orchestra) and play his great compositions and arrangements. The band is huge with too many players to mention here but the chief soloists are Charles McPherson on alto saxophone, Bobby Jones on tenor saxophone, Lonnie Hillyer on trumpet and on one piece called "Hobo Ho", James Moody is featured on tenor saxophone. Mingus is heard on bass and piano. Sy Johnson and Teo Macero conduct the orchestra. Mingus was actively involved in the post-production of this complex and fascinating recording. Just before his death from ALS on January 5,1979, Mingus was asked what was his favourite album of his own works. He unhesitatingly replied "Let My Children Hear Music". You will hear this monumental opus tonight. Mingus forever!

Track Listing:

Take The 'A' Train
Charles Mingus · Mingus at Birdland
Fables of Faubus
Bunk,Monk and Vice-
Charles Mingus · Mingus at Birdland
My Search
Little Melanae
Miles Davis · Milestones' Session
Mystery Tune
Mystery Band · Mystery Session
Blues Connotation
Renee Rosnes · Art and Soul
Say Hello to Calypso
Terry Clark · It's About Time
Blues March
Art Blakey · Backgammon
The Shoes of The
Charles Mingus · Let My Children Hear
Fisherman are Some
Jive-Ass Slippers.
Don't Be Afraid, The
Clown's Afraid Too.
Hobo Ho
The "I" of Hurricane Sue
Taurus in the Arena of