The Jazz Show Episode November 2, 2009

Broadcast on 02-Nov-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

The great alto saxophonist Phil Woods left North America with his family in 1968, bitter and discouraged by the developments in the USA. When he landed in France for a playing engagement he formed this band that he called The European Rhythm Machine. It marked a creative re-birth for Woods. The Rhythm Machine heard tonight delivered this incredible performance at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival in March of 1970. There had been only one change in personal. The original pianist, George Gruntz was replaced by a Britisher, Gordon Beck, who was adept on both acoustic and electric piano. The bassist was a French virtuoso named Henri Texier and the drummer was the Swiss master Daniel Humair. The energy that this band puts out is powerful and exciting and left the German audience exhausted. This is truly one of the most original and powerful bands in Jazz history. Phil Woods is at his creative peak playing everything under the sun and the chemistry of this band is unbelievable. Mr. Woods celebrated his 78th birthday on the day of this broadcast (November 2,2009) so this Feature is really a Happy Birthday salute to one of the living Jazz masters.

Track Listing:

Pot Pie
Phil Woods · Pot Pie
Open Door
Mad About the Boy
Robin's Bobbin'
Way Out of Willy
Seamus Blake · Live in Italy
The Feeling of Jazz
Right On!
Boogaloo Joe Jones · Right On, Brother
Things Ain't What They
Used Be.
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Etta Jones · Don't Go To Strangers
Don't Go To Strangers
Fine And Mellow.
Chasin' The Bird.
Curtis Counce · The Quintet
Montuno Blues
Kenny Burrell · Bluesy Burrell
Freedom Jazz Dane
Jazz Feature:
Ode To Jean-Louis
Phil Woods · Phil Woods and The
European Rhythm
The Meeting.