The Jazz Show Episode October 5, 2009

Broadcast on 05-Oct-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

Larry Young was one of the most individual voices of the Hammond organ. Larry was born in Newark, New Jersey on Oct. 7,1940 and sadly died at age 37 in March of 1978 of untreated pneumonia. Young was only 20 when he signed with Prestige Records. He made a series of albums in the style of his idols, Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff and John Patton but when he signed with Blue Note Records in 1964, he left that blues drenched style for something much more modern, although he still addressed the blues. His sound, technique and footwork on the Hammond is masterful. This is his first album for Blue Note and Young chose his sidemen well. Grant Green is on guitar playing in a more modern style than we're used to hearing him. The great Elvin Jones works hand in glove with Young and the edgy tenor saxophone is played by the individual and creative Sam Rivers. Into Somethin' indeed!

Track Listing:

Dizzy Gillespie · Dizzy at Monterey
Long Long Summer
Pau de Arara
Opus De Funk
Milt Jackson · Quintet
I've Lost Your Love
Chubby Jackson · Chubby's Big Band
Father Knickerbopper
Absotively Posalutely
Larry Young · Gumbo!
Autumn Leaves.
The Shadow of Your
Oliver Nelson · Sound Pieces
Elegy for a Duck.
Larry Young · Into Somethin'
Plaza De Toros
Paris Eyes