The Jazz Show Episode September 21, 2009

Broadcast on 21-Sep-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

This is Part 2 of The Jazz Show's "back to school" mode. Maestro Leonard Bernstein is arguably one of the most important musical icons of the 20th century and being American born, he heard Jazz music from the time he was very young. Bernstein loved Jazz and it's players and most importantly, respected those players as artists. Bernstein recorded this album in 1957 but it's message is universal and timeless. There are a few quaint references, of course that are dated but they don't affect this disc's message. It's basically in two parts. In Part 1, Bernstein tells us what is and what isn't Jazz and what gives Jazz music it's distinctive sound.In Part 2 Bernstein takes apart an old standard tune called "Sweet Sue, Just You" and we hear how musicians of different eras interpret and alter this melody.

Bernstein is entertaining, funny and educational at the same time. His great communicative skills are evident throughout this recording. Sit back and enjoy "What is Jazz".

Track Listing:

Charlie Christian · Live at Minton's 1941.
Stompin' at the Savoy/
Miles Davis · Nefertiti
Hand Jive
Gira Girou
Paul Desmond · From the Hot Afternoon
Faithful Brother
From the Hot Afternoon.
The Return of Genghis
Bobby Timmons · Chicken 'n' Dumplin's
Out of This World
John Coltrane · Coltrane!
Up "gaint the Wall
Part 1.
Leonard Bernstein · What is Jazz?
Part 2.
Eddie Harris.
Clifford Jordan · Quartet 1 Glass Bead