The Jazz Show Episode September 14, 2009

Broadcast on 14-Sep-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

Julian "Cannonball" Adderley was, of course, one of the premier alto saxophonists in Jazz. He was a great bandleader and communicator who knew how to draw his audience into the complexities of Jazz without sounding academic or stuffy. Many people don't know that Adderley had graduated from college at 19 and was teaching high school in Florida. When he arrived in New York in 1955 with his saxophone, he turned the Jazz community upside down. The rest is history.
As this is Part 1 of a two part series in a "back to school" mode. We present Mr. Adderley narrating a history of Jazz. The only limitation of this recording is that it was done in 1960 and Adderley was only able to use recorded examples that were owned by Riverside Records. However this is still a valuable document in that it is educational and entertaining. Adderley should have done one of these every year. We are lucky to have this however. Enjoy.

Track Listing:

Blues For Us.
Michelle Gregoire · Reaching!
Knock It.
The Pour.
Cory Weeds · Everything's Comin' Up
Ella's Walk
I've Never Been in Love
Bailin' On Lou.
Paris of the Prairies.
Mark DeJong · The Unknown
The Unknown
People Will Say We're
Cannonball Adderley · Portrait of Cannonball
In Love.
A history of Jazz with
Julian Cannonball · Cannonball narrates
recorded examples.
Adderley. · A History of Jazz.