The Jazz Show Episode August 3, 2009

Broadcast on 03-Aug-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

Trumpeter/composer Kenny Dorham (McKinley Howard Dorham) had a most frustrating career as he always seemed overshadowed by others. He was born in 1924 in Fairfield, Texas and died quite young of kidney failure in 1972 in New York at age 48. He was an accomplished, arranger/composer/pianist and singer but left his mark as one of the most distinctive voices of the trumpet. He emerged as a soloist in the 40's but was overlooked by the critics in favor of Dizzy, Fats and Miles. In the 50's the same happened to Kenny as the world was watching and listening to Chet and Clifford. The 60's were no better for Kenny as the Jazz folks were checking out Lee, Freddie, Woody and others. Kenny was an also-ran. Sad to say, now that he is gone, he has the respect and recognition that he deserved in his lifetime. Dorham is considered to be one of the major voices and is studied by all the young players today.
This album is one of two recordings by Kenny's working group of the late 50's,early 60's. Kenny and the wonderful baritone saxophonist, Charles Davis are on the front line. A young Steve Kuhn is on piano. The bass chores are split between Jimmy Garrison and Edward "Butch" Warren and the solid drumming is by Arnold "Buddy" Enlow. The tunes are all Dorham arrangements and three compositions are his and the others three are by Monk, Brubeck and Frank Sinatra. "Jazz Contemporary" is a fine recording and should stand with many of Kenny Dorham's better known albums. It's a gem!

Track Listing:

Cubano Be and Bop
Dizzy Gillespie · Big Band 1947
Cubano Be and Bop
Dizzy Gillespie · Carnegie Hall 1947
Bird in Igor's Yard
Buddy DeFranco · Big Band 1949
Lee Konitz · March 8,1951
George Russell · Smalltet
George Russell · Ezz-Thetics
All About Rosie
George Russell · Modern Jazz Concert
Manhattan(Part 1).
George Russell · New York New York
George Russell · Stratusphunk
A Waltz
Kenny Dorham · Jazz Contemporary
Monk's Mood
In Your Own Sweet Way
Horn Salute
This Love of Mine.