The Jazz Show Episode July 13, 2009

Broadcast on 13-Jul-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

The titan of the tenor saxophone performs on this rare disc with one of his favourite combinations, saxophone, bass and drums. Rollins, in the latter part of 1965 was on tour as a soloist in Europe playing engagements and picking up rhythm sections on the way. This concert, which took place in Paris, Sonny used Gilbert "Bibi" Rovere, one of the better French bassists. Happily Sonny was reunited with his Harlem homeboy, drummer Arthur Taylor, who had been an ex-pat for about three years. Both Rovere and Taylor had to watch and anticipate Rollins' every move as Sonny at this time was into total "stream of conscious" performances with no breaks in between tunes. We'll hear Sonny backed by the rhythm section and playing acapella quoting a whole variety of tunes both familiar and obscure.....they go by fast and require careful listening to catch them all. This is a fun and intense forty plus minutes by one of the all time greatest musicians to grace the planet.....Sonny Rollins!

Track Listing:

Grand Street
Sonny Rollins · The Big Brass
52nd Street Theme
Presents: The Bop All- · December 19,1948.
Charlie Parker · Parker's All-Stars
So Long Eric.
Charles Mingus · Live in Oslo-1964
The Manhattan Jazz · The M.J.Q in Japan
13 (Death March).
Wes Montgomery/ · Wes and Jimmy with
Every Day I Have the
Count Basie with Ella · Ella Fitzgerald and
and Joe. · Joe Williams
Party Blues.
One long medley of
Sonny Rollins · Sonny in Paris-1965
tunes played without
a break.
Hazy Hues.
Booker Little · Out Front