The Jazz Show Episode May 4, 2009

Broadcast on 04-May-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

Drummer/bandleader Roy Haynes, with few exceptions has always preferred to lead a quartet with a good horn (either an alto or tenor saxophone) out front and piano, bass and himself on drums. This album, done in April of 1963, is no exception. The featured voice out front is one of the most distinctive tenor saxophonists, the Texas born, Booker Ervin. His high, hard sound and his intensity is unmatched. He was Charles Mingus' favourite saxophonist and one can understand why. His rhythmic and emotional approach grabs one by the throat and doesn't let go until Mr. Ervin has his say. Ervin was a treasure and it's sad that ill health robbed us of his music when he died of kidney failure in 1970 at age 39. Pianist Ronnie Mathews was just beginning to make his mark on the New York scene and quickly became one of the most sought after players. Sadly, Ronnie passed away last year. Bassist Larry Ridley was soon to became one of the leading bassists in New York and is happily still alive, playing and teaching. What can be said about Roy Haynes! At 83, he sounds even better than he does here and he's amazing on this date. Roy guides and shapes the music like the master he is. Mr. Snap Crackle is "Cracklin'" A fine date from beginning to end.

Track Listing:

Jeremy Steig · Flute Fever
Willow Weep For Me
So What.
Take Me Out to the
Joey DeFrancesco · Joey D.!
Lara's Theme
Sonny Criss · Sounds of Sonny!
This is the Desert!
Walt Dickerson · Music From Lawrence
Motif from Overture #1
of Arabia
Motif from Overture #2
Arrival at Auda's Camp
Take It To The Ozone
Thomas Marriott · Flexicon
Almost Blue
Detour Ahead
Kurt Elling · Flrting With Twilight.
Sonny Clark · The Sonny Clark Trio
Blues Blue.
Roy Haynes · Cracklin'
with Booker Ervin
Sketch of Melba
Honey Dew
Under Paris Skies
Bad News Blues.