The Jazz Show Episode April 20, 2009

Broadcast on 20-Apr-2009

9:00pm - 12:00am

Tonight we are celebrating the birthday of one of the great pioneers of Jazz: Lionel Hampton. Lionel wasn't the first to play the vibraphone nor was Louis Armstrong the first to play the trumpet, nor Coleman Hawkins the first to play the tenor saxophone but each of these pioneers developed a concept on their chosen instrument that generations of players followed. Hampton lived to the ripe old age of 94 and achieved much in has long career. Tonight's Feature is the beginning of his association with the great impresario, Norman Granz. Granz was not interested in Hampton's band but his artistry on the vibraphone. Hampton began a series of recordings where he was evenly matched with three music masters: pianist Oscar Peterson, bassist Ray Brown and drummer Buddy Rich. Tonight's Feature is their first meeting and it's some of the best music Hampton has ever played. Standards, blues and ballads are all given royal treatment by four masters.Almost all of the tunes were first "takes".

Track Listing:

So What
Miles Davis · Kind of Blue
All Blues.
This is My Last Affair
Joe Coughlin · Live at The Cellar
Don't Quit Now
Baby, Your A Bad
St. Thomas
Sonny Rollins · Sonny in Sweden
Vibraphone Blues
Benny Goodman · Quartet 1937
My Gal Sal
Everybody Loves My
Buzzin' Around With
Lional Hampton · Hamp's All-Stars
the Bee.
Whoa Babe
Lionel Hampton · The Just Jazz All-Stars
Lionel Hampton · The Lionel Hampton
Quartet with Oscar
Air Mail Special
Soft Winds
Stompin' At The