The Jazz Show Episode December 29, 2008

Broadcast on 29-Dec-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

Multi-instrumentalist, Eric Dolphy's recording debut under his own name was a startling reminder of some of the changes that were taking place in Jazz in the late 50's and early 60's. Eric Dolphy seemed to come out of nowhere and in his short life was like a comet that streaked across the Jazz horizon. Eric was born in Los Angeles on June 20,1928 and died as a result of diabetes in Berlin on June 29,1964 at 36. Although he played other instruments his main voices were the alto saxophone, the flute and the bass clarinet. He had an individual concept on all his horns but his concept was always unmistakably Eric Dolphy. "Outward Bound" was Dolphy's debut record and he picked a great band. 22 year old Freddie Hubbard shares the front line with Eric and pianist Jaki Byard makes a strong impression. The rhythm section with big-toned bassist George Tucker and the redoubtable Roy Haynes on drums provides the pulse. Dolphy's original compositions are unique and the whole album, although rooted in tradition points the way to the future of Jazz in a positive way. This album is one of the most impressive debuts in Modern Jazz history.

Track Listing:

Open Sesame
Freddie Hubbard · Open Sesame
But Beautiful
All Or Nothing At All
Asiatic Raes
Freddie Hubbard · Goin' Up
The Core
Art Blakey · Free For All
Soul Surge
Freedie Hubbard · Blue Spirits
Outer Forces
First Light
Freddie Hubbard · First Light
Freddie Hubbard · Above and Beyond
Eric Dolphy · Outward Bound
On Green Dolphin St.
Glad To Be Unhappy
Miss Toni