The Jazz Show Episode November 24, 2008

Broadcast on 24-Nov-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

This album was Stan Getz' pride and joy. The great tenor saxophonist had returned to the USA from a long stay in Europe in 1961 and found himself yesterday's man. The face of Jazz was changing and the music of Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy and John Coltrane had become predominant and to add to Getz' woes, Sonny Rollins had returned to active playing after a sabbatical. Getz led a fine quartet with pianist Steve Kuhn, drummer Roy Haynes and when available, bassist Scott La Faro but the audiences were thin and his return was greeted with luke warmth. Getz was looking for something new and he found it. He asked arranger/composer, Eddie Sauter to write something for him and what Sauter did was write actual compositions for a string section that even without Getz could stand on their own. After some very difficult rehearsals Getz asked Sauter if he could have a tape of all the compositions and he would study them, Once Getz had digested the music they had a dress rehearsal and Getz simply imrovised over the set pieces and it worked! Several recording sessions were scheduled and this album was made. This is far above any other recording of a soloist with strings and stands as a monument of innovation on the part of Sauter and Getz. "Focus" is Getz' masterpiece and a tribute to his great lyrical artistry. Years later he was asked to reprise this music at Lincoln Centre in the mid 1980's but he refused and said that the perfection of the original recording could never be duplicated. The Jazz Show is proud to present 'Focus' as The Jazz feature tonight.

Track Listing:

Money Jungle
Duke Ellington · Money Jungle
Billie's Bounce
Metronome All-Stars · 1956.
Ev'ryday I Have The
Basie/Ella & Joe · Party Blues
Party Blues
Sonny Rollins · Movin' Out
Sonny Rollins · Tour De Force
Sonny Rollins · Volume 2.
SF Jazz Collective · Live
Grant Stewart · Young at Heart
I'm Late! I'm Late!
Stan Getz and Eddie · Focus
I Remember When
Night Rider
Once Upon at Time
A Summer Afternoon.