The Jazz Show Episode September 22, 2008

Broadcast on 22-Sep-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

This famous recording is Part 2 of our "back to school" mode and an annual Feature on The Jazz Show. Bernstein, who loved, respected and understood Jazz presents an educational and entertaining study of this musical form. He talks about how it's put together with some musical examples provided by Bernstein, himself at the piano and some major players like Coleman Hawkins, Buck Clayton, Buster Bailey, Phil Woods, Miles Davis and many more. Even though this recording was done in the 1950's it is still an important educational document. Bernstein was an amazing communicator who could bring some of the complexities of music to the lay person. "What is Jazz?" is a classic and an essential recording for anybody with even the mildest interestin this great American art form called Jazz.

Track Listing:

This Here
Cannonball Adderley · Cannonball in San
Francisco at The Jazz
Bohemia After Dark
Cannonball Adderley · Them Dirty Blues
Them Dirty Blues
Arriving Soon
Cannonball Adderley · Live in France
Cannonball Adderley · Live in Europe
Work Song
Cannonball Adderley · Live in New York
74 Miles Away.
Cannonball Adderley · Live in L.A.
Berstein narrates with
Leonard Bernstein · What is Jazz?
numerous examples of
various Jazz styles.