The Jazz Show Episode July 28, 2008

Broadcast on 28-Jul-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

Pianist Ahmad Jamal is one of the major stylists and this trio with the underrated Israel Crosby on bass and Vernel Fournier on drums was one of Jamal's finest organizations. None other than Miles Davis loved Jamal and insisted that all of his pianists, Red Garland, Wynton Kelly, Herbie Hancock etc. listen to Jamal and learn about dynamics and the use of space from Ahmad. Israel Crosby was to Jamal what Scott LaFaro was to Bill Evans and although Crosby died young in 1962, people such as Ron Carter consider Crosby to be a major figure on the accoustic bass. Vernel Fournier brought taste and swing and that great "New Orleans" feel to Jamal's trio. Jamal's music is accessible and melodic and although some critics dismissed Jamal as a 'lightweight' they missed the whole point of Jamal's unique style which combined virtuosity, space and dynamics. Jamal, to this day is considered a genius by many and is still touring the world and delivering his musical message.

Track Listing:

The Pretty Road
Maria Schneider · Sky Blue
Rich's Piece
All the Things You Are
Johnny Griffin · Introducing Johnny
The Way You Look
Johnny Griffin · Way Out
Do Nuthin 'Till You Hear
Johnny Griffin · Do Nuthin' 'Till You Hear
From Me.
From Me.
The Midnight Sun Will
Never Set
Slow Burn
Jean Marie
Johnny Griffin · To The Ladies
But Not For Me
Ahmad Jamal · Jamal at The Pershing
Surrey with the Fringe
Moonlight in Vermont
Music Music Music
There is No Greater
Woody'n You
What's New?
I'll Remember April
Billy Boy