The Jazz Show Episode June 16, 2008

Broadcast on 16-Jun-2008

9:02am - 12:03pm

This earth shattering performance by pianist/bandleader Dave Brubeck's Quartet literally put Dave and his alto saxophonist Paul Desmond and the rest of the band on the Jazz map. This concert performed at Oberlin College in March of 1953 before an audience of mainly classical music students and faculty blew them away. It marked the beginning of Brubeck's pioneering efforts to tour colleges and universities throughout North America which opened up a whole new audience for pure, uncompromising Jazz as played by the Quartet. This recording caught the ears of the Jazz critics who although they always praised Desmond's work, were lukewarm to Brubeck.The ears of Columbia Records executive George Avakian were captured as well and Dave was lured away from Fantasy Records by the major label. Before long Brubeck and the Quartet was the most popular band in Jazz and a Time Magazine cover was soon in the offing. It all started with the release of 'Jazz at Oberlin". Brubeck and Desmond are accompanied by bassist Ron Crotty and drummer Lloyd Davis, who went on to become the lead percussionist of the San Francisco Symphony. Listen to the audience reaction to Brubeck's music by the young audience who had never heard much Jazz......they were awestruck!