The Jazz Show Episode May 12, 2008

Broadcast on 12-May-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

"Spring" was twenty year old Tony William's second album for Blue Note and it's a stunner in creativity. Williams surrounded himself with some of the most cutting edge players on the scene in 1965, when the date was recorded. Wayne Shorter and Sam Rivers are heard at length on tenor saxophones. Herbie Hancock is on piano and Gary Peacock is on bass. The players are assembled in various combinations and all of the compositions are by Williams. Tony Williams changed the way we listen to drums and changed the way Miles Davis played as Tony, beginning when he was only 17, joined Miles Davis' band in 1963 and remained until 1969. Tony passed away after suffering a heart attack after a routine gall bladder operation in San Francisco. He was only 50. His place in Jazz history is assured.

Track Listing:

Thelonious Monk · Live at the Village Gate
Freddie Hubbard · Above and Beyond
Sharon Minemoto · You Can See The
You Make Me Dizzy
Ocean From Here
You Can See The
Ocean from Here
Who Cares?
Sid's Ahead
Miles Davis · Miles Davis All-Stars
The Martians Go Home
Shorty Rogers · The Swinging Mr.
Tony (Anthony) · Spring
From Before
Love Song
The Train and
Jimmy Giuffre · The Legendary
The River.
"Sound of Jazz"