The Jazz Show Episode March 17, 2008

Broadcast on 17-Mar-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

When alto saxophonist Phil Woods relocated to Europe in 1968 it was not that his career was moribund but it was because of the negative political atmosphere in the U.S......assassinations, racism, the ongoing Vietnam War etc. Woods relocated in Paris and formed one of his greatest bands, The European Rhythm Machine. Tonight we hear them in concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1969. Woods on alto saxophone is re-ignited by this band. George Gruntz on piano and Daniel Humair on drums are Swiss and bassist Henri Texier is French and the band is on fire!

Track Listing:

Now's The Time
Art Blakey and The · Live at Le Club
Whisper Not
Jazz Messengers · St. Germaine Paris.
The Theme
Trane's Blues
Paul Chambers · Chambers Music
I Love You
John Coltrane · Lush Life
John Coltrane · Crescent
Grant Green · Grantsstand
These Are Soulful Days
Benny Green · These Are Soulful Days
Evidence/True Life
Jimmy Greene · True Life Stories
Green's Scene
Bennie Green · Glidin' Along
Capricci Cavallereschi
Phil Woods and The · Phil Woods and The
I remember Bird
European Rhythm · E.R.M. at the Montreux
Ad Infinitum
Machine. · Jazz Festival.