The Jazz Show Episode February 11, 2008

Broadcast on 11-Feb-2008

9:00pm - 11:59pm

Ornette Coleman's latest recording won the Pulitzer Prize and was the first Jazz recording to receive this great honour. Mr. Coleman has been recognized throughout the world as an important innovative artist who never gave up on his musical dream and never compromised his music. He appears here with Gregory Cohen and Tony Falanga on accoustic basses and Denardo Coleman(Ornette's son) on drums. Mr. Coleman plays mainly alto saxophone, his main instrument, but also trumpet and violin. All the compositions are by Mr. Coleman.

Track Listing:

Soft Talk
John Jenkins · Jenkins & Jordan
The New Symphony Sid
Teddy Edwards · Sunset Eyes
My Kinda Blues
Bobbie Pin
J.R.Monterose · J.R. Monterose
Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday · Billie and her Orch.
Gone With What Wind
Benny Goodman · Benny Goodman Sextet
John Coltrane · Studio Sessions
Suite fro Angela
Herbie Hancock · Mwandishi
Fleur Carnivore
Carla Bey · Fleur Carnivore
Drinking Music.
Carla Bey · The Carla Bley Band
Ornette Coleman · Sound Grammar
Sleep Talking
Waiting for You
Call to Duty
Once Only
Song X.