The Jazz Show Episode September 24, 2007

Broadcast on 24-Sep-2007

9:00pm - 11:59pm

Mr Adderley gives us a history of Jazz music and then an overview of contemporary artists all with recorded examples. Even though this was recorded in 1960 it still is an effective look at the music. Adderley should have been asked to do one of this type of album every five years but as least we have this one to conclude Part 2 of The Jazz Show's annual education feature.

Track Listing:

So What
Miles Davis · Miles at Monterey
Straight No Chaser
Thelonious Monk · Monk at Monterey
Dizzy Gillespie · Dizzy at Monterey
Dizzy's Comedy
A Night in Tunisia
Ornette Coleman · Change of the Century
The Face of the Bass
Ornette Coleman · Ornette!!!!!
Various Selections
Julian 'Cannonball' · An Introduction to
used as examples of
Adderley · Jazz
Jazz styles.