The Jazz Show Episode July 2, 2007

Broadcast on 02-Jul-2007

9:00pm - 11:59pm

This was Jimmy's second album for Riverside Records after his "comeback' in 1959. This recording brought out all his skills. First as a major tenor saxophonist. Second as a bandleader.Third as an arranger. Fourth as a composer. "Little" Jimmy Heath is a big man musically on this album called "Really Big!".

Track Listing:

All Blues
Freddie Hubbard · Live in Paris 1992.
Uncle Bubba
Phil Woods/Gary Bartz · Super Sax Machine
Hank Jones · At Mariac 1990
Night Crawlers
Manny Albam · Something New/
Tin Roof Blues
Something Blue
Swingin' Goastsherd
Teddy Charles · Something New/
Something Blue
Blues in the Night
This Moment Blues
Mike Taylor · Why Not Now.
Up in Gavin's Flat
Mike Taylo/Gavin · Brute Force
Moment to Moment
Judy Wexler · Easy on the Heart
Nobody Else but Me
Love is a Necessary
Big "P"
Jimmy Heath · Really Big!
Old Fashined Fun
On Green Dolphin Street
Mona's Mood
Dat Dere
My Ideal
The Picture of Heath
Montuno Blues
Kenny Burrell · Bluesy Burrell