The Jazz Show Episode March 12, 2007

Broadcast on 12-Mar-2007

7:00pm - 12:00am

Some great examples of classic Charlie Parker with his working band recorded in the Savoy studios in the mid to late 1940's. Bird with pianist Bud Powell, trumpeter Miles Davis, drummer Max Roach and others performing inspired tunes that laid the groundwork for Modern Jazz. Bird lives!!!!

Track Listing:

Strike Anywhere · Exit English
Almighty Trigger Happy · This is Bad Taste 2 comp
Teenage Satan
The Freeze · Freak Show
Ice Water
Riverboat Gamblers · Something to Crow About
Breakin' Down
The GC5 · Never Bet the Devil Your Head
Give You Nothing
Bad Religion · Suffer
The Big Takeover (live)
Bad Brains · Banned in DC: Greatest Riffs
New Dreams (live)
Naked Raygun · Free Shit!
The Myth is Real - Let's Eat
Jello Biafra & Nomeansno · The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy
Canada is Pissed/Baldwang Must Die
Infamous Scientists · Trouble
Goodbye, Luftwaffe Girl
Show Business Giants · Let's Have a Talk with the Dead
I Came That Close
Ford Pier · 12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier
kill the president
coffin break · rupture
American Soul Spiders
New Bomb Turks · Drunk on Cock
Born to Kill
Derelicts · Another Damned Seattle Compilation
I'm Not Invisible
Rocket From the Crypt · Live From Camp X-Ray
How Long You Wanna Live?
Grabbers · The Hand You're Dealt
No Idea
Bum · Wanna Smash Sensation
Snake Oil
Stuntmen · Fistful of Rock & Roll vol. 3 comp
Custom Made Scare · The Greatest Show on Dirt
My Father's Dreams
Articles of Faith · Complete Discography Vol. 1
Police Story
Black Flag · Damaged
Bedtime for Freaky/Java Jet Pack
Gas Huffer · Shrill Beeps of Shrimp
Firebug/Shoe Factory
" · Janitors of Tomorrow
Buck Naked
" · "
Bad Vibes/ITS Credo
" · Integrity Technology Service
Overworked Folk Hero Guy
" · "
Quasimodo '94/No Smoking
" · One Inch Masters
Stay in Your House/Crooked Bird
" · "
Plant You Now
" · Inhuman Ordeal of SAGH