The Copyright Experiment Episode May 29, 2014

TCE #40 - UK's groove

11:00pm - 12:00am

Last week we hopped over the Pacific to learn about China's copyright laws. This week, we're jumping the Atlantic over to the home of western imperialism, the United Kingdom! A recent article in The Guardian on BBC Radio 1's playlisting policies prompted us to give you the low down on the UK's public broadcaster, and draw comparisons to the CBC over here, and also our fair radio station, CiTR.

Track Listing:

Don't Say (ft. Tyga)
Liz · Don't Say
Maya Jane Coles · Comfort
Grenier · Frenemies
I Need You
Bodhi · I Need You
Ryan Wells & Wax Romeo · Roped
Nancee Kelly
Kepikei · Nancee Kelly
Nightwave · Grinder
Throw This Money On You (ekho remix)
R. Kelly · Throw This Money On You
Aerosol Can (ft. Pharrell Williams)
Major Lazer · Apocalypse Soon
Xe2 (Jay Fay Bootleg)
Mssingno · Xe2
Dat Noise
Ganjoid · Dat Noise
Rave Control
Philthkids · Rave Control
Chasing Pavements (ABSRDST remix)
Adele · Chasing Pavements