The Copyright Experiment Episode April 24, 2014

TCE #35 - Clouds and Waves

11:00pm - 12:00am

This week on The Copyright Experiment, we discuss a hearing that the US Supreme Court held on Tuesday, between national broadcasters and a tech startup Aereo. Aereo is a service that utilizes thousands of tiny antennae to pull over-the-air, freely available TV signals in local markets and sends them over the Internet to paying subscribers. ABC spearheads this lawsuit, and claims that Aereo should be paying royalties and licensing fees for its service as a content provider, but Aereo says that they are not a content provider, just an equipment provider and should therefore be in the clear. A decision in this case for either side could have far-reaching implications to the future of broadcast television, as well as cloud-based Internet services. We dive into the details and give you the scoop!

Track Listing:

Get Me.
Tek.lun · Get Me.
Ekho · 3 piece "beat tape"
Fly Together
Dehousy · We Got This Compilation - Vol. 2
The Jump Off (Tom Garnett refix)
Lil Kim · The Jump Off
Cause & Effect · Anie Mac - FMM
Hypo (Boha Lost Marbles RMX)
Vincent Parker · Hypo Remixed
Man of the Year (Diezel remix
Schoolboy Q · Man of the Year
UNH ft. TT The Artist (Fiine$$e remix)
Mighty Mark · UNH ft. TT The Artist
Dudley Slang · Kaïra City House Music
Center Your Love (DJ Paypal remix)
Machinedrum · Center Your Love
Stuck On You
Baron C x 40k · Stuck On You
Keri Baby feat. Hannah Diamond
A.G. Cook · Keri
Tamagotchi (feat. Dai Burger - Saint remix)
Saint · Tamagotchi