The Copyright Experiment Episode February 20, 2014

TCE #26 - Music Versus... part 4: Books!

11:00pm - 12:00am

We wrap up our multi-part series on copyright in other creative disciplines with the one that started Copyright way back in the 18th Century: Book publishing. We start with a primer on the origins of copyright and book publishing, how the American book publishing industry grew from piracy, how it became the behemoth of an industry it is today, and now more recently, how eBooks and digital distribution are transforming the publishing industry again!

Track Listing:

Bagulho Doido
Omulu & Comrade · Bagulho Doido
Dream Fabric
Shagabond · Dream Fabric
From A Distance
Clarian · From A Distance
Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)
Odesza · Sun Models
Boss Ass Bitch (Bot edit)
PTAF · Main Course 2013 Holiday Gift Pack
See Thru feat. Lisa Lobsinger (Astronomar & Wuki remix)
Smalltown DJs · Fool's Gold Clubhouse
Lee Carvallo · Canadian Club EP