The Copyright Experiment Episode October 24, 2013

TCE #10 - With Special Guest The Passenger

11:00pm - 12:00am

This week, we bring in local electronic musician The Passenger to talk about his abundance of free music, what makes vinyl special, and a project he undertook to get people to listen to his music. Then we are treated to a 40 minute DJ set featuring a selection ambient and beat driven Passenger tracks, including a couple soon-to-be-released. Listen in!

Track Listing:

November Ballad (The Passenger remix)
Francesca Bellacourt · November Ballad
That Time
The Passenger · That Time
Sunrise Requiem
The Passenger · \\\\_|
Sometimes Dreams Can Trick You
The Passenger · Sometimes Dreams Can Trick You
Sombre Landscape #6
The Passenger · Sombre Landscape
Whispering City
The Passenger · Whispering City
Daydream Orange
The Passenger · Daydream Orange
Negative Object
The Passenger · Negative Object
The Passenger · Wordsquare