The Copyright Experiment Episode October 17, 2013

TCE #9 - Just A Sample

11:00pm - 12:00am

This week on The Copyright Experiment, DJ Mochi and Autonomy recount their chance meeting with house music staple Todd Edwards before his show at The Biltmore over the weekend. The discussion invariably leads to his signature style of vocal sampling, and how he deals with copyright. Then we discuss the legality of sampling in general, and how specific court cases have shaped the way people view sampling in modern times. Then, of course, Autonomy steps up to the decks and spins another set full of free tunes, including a few choice Todd Edwards tracks. Check it out!!!

Track Listing:

No Business
Negativland · No Business
John Oswald · Plexure
After Ventus (Todd Edwards Remix)
Enya · After Ventus
Do You Wanna Funk (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)
Siona · Do You Wanna Funk
No Scrubs (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)
TLC · No Scrubs
Oh Yeah
DJ Q & AC Slater · Sound Boy Connection EP
Mad Hustle
Clyphs · Bass Coast EP
River Remix
The Belle Game · River (Woodhead Remix)
Grandtheft & Smalltown DJs · Main Course Snacks
Kelela · CUT 4 ME
Gunshotta (Om Unit Rollers VIP)
Machinedrum · Gunshotta Ave.
Turn Da Lights Off (Remixed by Kutcorners)
Tweet · Turn Da Lights Off