The Copyright Experiment Episode September 19, 2013

TCE #5 - Newforms Festival Wrap-up

11:00pm - 12:00am

First we talked about the new forms festival and some DJ licensing information.

Tutsbutta - Ous Chop (Kline's Wonton Soup remix)-Ous Chop-Taylor Kline
Dream Dior - Arrow-Bermuda-Baback Kashani
Vincent Parker - Hypo-Hypo-Vincent Parker
Laura Mvula - She (Shlohmo Remix)-She-Laura Mvula & Henry Laufer
Frank Grimes - Be Your Love-Be Your Love-Frank Grimes
Calamalka - Bad Scene-Bad Scene-Michael Campitelli
Starkey - Fade-Fade EP-PJ Geissinger
Husky - Geeked-Geeked-Husky
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix)-Touch My Body-Cyril Hahn
Ryan Hemsworth - Empty Thoughts Over A Shallow Ocean-Still Awake-Ryan Hemsworth
Sheila D Yeah - Da Shrug-The Kamikaze Comeup-Sheila D Yeah
Azelia Banks - ATM Jam ft. Pharrell (Kaytranada edition)-ATM Jam-Kevin Celestin
Masia One - Warrior's Tongue (ill.Gates Remix)-Warrior's Tongue-Maysian Lim & Dylan Lane
Destiny's Child - Bug A Boo (Ganz Flip)-Bug A Boo-Beyoncé Knowles, Kandi, Kelendria Rowland, Kevin Briggs, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett, & Ganz

Track Listing:

Ous Chop (Kline's Wonton Soup remix)
Tutsbutta · Ous Chop
Dream Dior · Bermuda
Vincent Parker · Hypo
She (Shlohmo Remix)
Laura Mvula · She
Be Your Love
Frank Grimes · Be Your Love
Bad Scene
Calamalka · Bad Scene
Starkey · Fade EP
Husky · Geeked
Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Mariah Carey · Touch My Body
Empty Thoughts Over a Shallow Ocean
Ryan Hemsworth · Still Awake
Da Shrug
Sheila D Yeah · The Kamikaze Comeup
ATM Jam ft. Pharrell (Kaytranada edition)
Azelia Banks · ATM Jam
Warrior's Tongue (ill.Gates Remix)
Masia One · Warrior's Tongue
Bug A Boo (Ganz Flip)
Destiny's Child · Bug A Boo