The City Episode December 18, 2012

The Working City: The Worker-Owned Cooperative and Community Development

5:00pm - 5:59pm

We continue our ongoing exploration of urban economies and the future of economic development by examining the worker-owned co-operative as a model for transforming our urban economies to achieve social, environmental, and economic justice. The City heads to Portland, Maine to hear about Local Sprouts, a worker-owned cafe cooperative and community kitchen, which works to put its workers and the community first by embracing the principles of socio-economic and environmental justice. We hear from Jonah Fertig, a worker-owner and co-founder of Local Sprouts, about how the co-op operates, why it was founded, and how it is part of a larger food system and regional economy.

Track Listing:

Future Markets
Hot Panda · Go Outside
Grimes · Visions
Menomena · Moms
The XX · Coexist
AA Foreplay
Tyranahorse · Garbage Bears
Beach House · Bloom