The City Episode October 30, 2012

The Little Mountain Victory: What Does It Mean?

5:04am - 6:00am

On October 25th, 2012, the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver announced that the four remaining tenant-households at the Little Mountain social housing development would not be evicted, and that up to 50 social housing units would be fast-tracked and built on the site. Previously, the existing tenants (in the remaining townhouse who refused to be displaced) were served eviction notices, despite the fact that site redevelopment had not even reached the rezoning stage (and construction completion still years away).

On the podcast, we evaluate the recent social housing victory at Vancouver's Little Mountain site and reflect on the history of the struggle. We first hear from David Vaisbond, a documentary filmmaker, who has thoroughly and intimately documented the history of the Little Mountain housing struggle. We ask him to reflect on some of the most profound moments of documenting this struggle. Secondly, former MLA David Chudnovsky reflects on this victory and puts it in historical context.