The City Episode August 21, 2012

Chicago, Detroit, and the Evolution of the Occupy Movement

5:00pm - 5:59pm

Chicago, Detroit, and the Evolution of the Occupy Movement. The urban Occupy movement began in September 2011, and it continues to evolve. On the program, urban geographer Elvin Wyly talks about the Occupy movement as collectively claiming a right to the city -- a right to live in just cities that are socially and economically equitable. We then speak with an organizer from Occupy the Midwest, which is a Detroit conference drawing people from midwest cities and beyond. We discuss the socio-economic contexts of Chicago and Detroit, and the regional conference as part of the evolution of the movement in a part of the country devastated by neoliberal capitalism.

Track Listing:

Delhi 2 Dublin · Turn up the Stereo
Brand New Kind of Blue
Gold Motel · s/t
Elastic Pants
Man Your Horse · Shorts