The Cat's Pajams Episode May 6, 2016

LAST SHOW May 6, 2016

11:00am - 12:00pm

This is it! Goodbye Cat's Pajams :( playing some favourite tracks from over the years and sharing fun memories.
Thanks to all my listeners and pals at CiTR!

Track Listing:

Faith Healer · Cosmic Troubles
I Wish That I
The Tee-tahs · Buzzkill
Clean and Clear
Tough Customer · The Worst
Downton Abbey
Cave Girl · Not Well Thank You
1-2-3-4 Get Fucked
Movieland · Blows Up
Supermoon · Playland
When Did I Get Older
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Sorta Hafta
Two Ugly Doves
Fountain · Fountain 2
Extra Flesh
Jerk Jails · CiTR Pop Alliance Comp vol 4
Swim Team · Freedom/Constraint
Burn One For the Saints
Mourning Coup · Baby Blue
Maneater · Demos
Drink U
Late Spring · Invisible
Go Away
Tops · Tender Opposites