The Burrow Episode February 5, 2018

RNR - recordings of readings from the Toast

3:00pm - 4:03pm

Recorded sets from a show put on at the Toast Collective on Saturday, January 27th. First of a series of interdisciplinary shows.
- a short story from Ethan Reyes
- a nonfiction piece from AdB (aka Alex de Boer)
- a long-form poem from Roman Totale XVII (aka myself, Andy Resto)
- covers of T. Rex by Pukesword

Track Listing:

(live) short story, codeine's frigid stars
Ethan Reyes · n/a
(live) nonfiction
AdB · n/a
(live) poetry, max richter's from sleep
Roman Totale XVII · n/a
(live) T. Rex covers, from The Slider
Pukesword · n/a