The Burrow Episode October 2, 2017

Friends And Lovers

2:58pm - 3:58pm

We think and then we act, apparently.

Track Listing:

Dowland's Tears
Mary Jane Leach · n/a
Bookburners Book 2
Nicole Lizee · Bookburners
The Stars Vs. Creatures
Colleen · A Flame My Love, A Frequency
Chelsea Wolfe · Hiss Spun
Black Fly
Circuit des Yeux · Reaching For Indigo
Prove Your Sweetness is Hidden
Lt. Frank Dickens · Sour Bubblegum
Winter Is Cold
Caroline Says · 50000000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong
Back, Baby
Jessica Pratt · On Your Own Love Again
live @ Spartacus September 30
Gretchen Snakes · n/a
Second Sound
Whimm · A Stare Ajar
Lost In The Blank City
Metz · Strang Peace