The Burrow Episode July 31, 2017

New Fall LP Emerges

3:02pm - 4:00pm

Modern Fall retrospective last decade 2008-17. Greenway/Spurr/Melling/Poulou/MES.

Track Listing:

Fol de Rol
The Fall · New Facts Emerge
Alton Towers
The Fall · Imperial Wax Solvent
The Fall · Your Future Our Clutter
Laptop Dog
The Fall · Ersatz GB
Kinder of Spine
The Fall · Re-Mit
The Fall · The Remainderer EP
Black Door
The Fall · Sub-Lingual Tablet
The Combo
Ought · Sun Coming Down
The Adventure
Night Bust · single
Somewhere You're There
Peace · Magic Cities
Nu Sensae · Sundowning
The Queen
Channels 3X4 · Christianity