The Burrow Episode July 24, 2017

Ramblin On Through

2:59pm - 4:01pm

New Shilpa Ray. New discovery in Shimmer. Double restart.

Track Listing:

Enter Shimmer
Shimmer · Shimmer
Morning Terror Nights Of Dread
Shilpa Ray · Door Girl
Dream Death
Lt. Frank Dickens · Sour Bubblegum
Golden Retriever · Rotations
Home Over Yonder
House and Land · House And Land
Rambling Boys of Pleasure
Kronos Quartet · Folk Songs
Animal Heart
Hermitess · Hermitess
Forager · The Body Vow
Inside Look
Subtle Lip Can · Subtle Lip Can
Dr. One For J
Avey Tare · Eucalyptus
Pharmakon · Contact