The Burrow Episode May 8, 2017

Over the Mapped Surfaces, Avoiding Pitfalls, The Cartographic

3:00pm - 3:59pm

Long-form rock and roll, exploring the painful and esoteric.

Track Listing:

Anaitis Hymal; The Arkose Disc
Ex Eye · S/T
Song For A Last Night
High Plains · Cinderland
Entire Populations I
Jessica Moss · Pools Of Light
Sem chaso spechajte
Dalava · The Book of Transfigurations
Hair of the Dead
Fiver · Audible Songs From Rockwood
live August 20, 2016
Gretchen Snakes · live
Dixie's Death Pool · Twilight, Sound Mountain
Lentiusimo Halo
Juana Molina · Halo
For Piano
Sarah Davachi · All My Circles Run
Pharmakon · Contact