The Burrow Episode April 10, 2017

Would That The Rot Were Further Along, It Was Hiding Itself

3:00pm - 3:57pm

Minimal classical as has been the trend for sometime, but we pull it back in to some solid noise rock in the middle as well.

Track Listing:

for organ
Sarah Davachi · All My Circles Run
From Royal Ave
Lejsovka & Freund · Music For Small Ensemble & Computer
Anamai · What Mountain
Broken Glass
Brooch · Blood Spitting/Broken Glass
Misogyny Stone
Horoscope · Misogyny Stone
Good Conversation
Snakehole · Interludes of Insanity
Weathered Meat
Nearly Dead · Weathered Meat
Good Morning, Puzzlehead
Puzzlehead · Fred's Man Cave
Waiting On My Horrible Warning
Pissed Jeans · Why Love Now
John Doe's Carnival of Error
Blanck Mass · World Eater
Arca · S/T