The Burrow Episode January 2, 2017

Grow, Legs, Grow

3:02pm - 3:58pm

An all-instrumental edition of the Burrow to kick off 2017 on a note buried somewhere in the back of your mind.

Track Listing:

Dream 8: Late And Soon
Max Richter · from Sleep
Prelude: Rams Horn Call
Flowers of Hell · Symphony No. 1
Prelude: Harmony Rising
Flowers of Hell · Symphony No. 1
Keyboard Study #1
Terry Riley · Terry Riley - Keyboard Study #1
Quentin Tolimieri · Piano
War Games
Amy Brandon · Scavenger
Christian Carriere · n/a
Modular Experiment 2016.12.19.v01
Daniel Dehaan · Recent Experiments and Improvisations
Chris Wild · Abhanden