The Burrow Episode September 12, 2016

Sirens (guest host Rusalka)

3:01pm - 3:59pm

Vancouver sound artist Kate Rissiek, aka Rusalka, joins as a guest host. Music from machines, insects, spirits, and lastly, humans.

Track Listing:

You Bleed
Rusalka · Blood Comes Anyway
A Low and Distant Sound Gradually Swelling and Increasing
Shane Carruth · Upstream Color OST
And Give Us Our Daily Humiliation
Mika Vaino · Life (...It Eats You Up)
Anthophilia Genocide
Dave Phillips/Hiroshi Hasegawa · Insect Apocalypse
Zbigniew Karkowski/Kelly Churko · Infallibilism
The Outcast
Omit · Quad
Argument Pt. 4
Le Syndicat · Morality
Karoline Leblanc · Velvet Oddities