The Burrow Episode August 22, 2016

Is it a physical feeling or a mental experience of pain? / Andy Resto come back

3:01pm - 4:01pm

Guest host Brit Bachmann genre-surfs The Burrow, with interspersed textbook philosophy on dreams, blood, and paths that lead back to dreams. Like a musical, body conscious ouroboros.

Track Listing:

Nocturna III
Babel · Ceçi n'est pas le feu sacré
Follow Me
prOphecy Sun · Sleep Fever
Fever Dream
Old Girl · Object A
Walk A Thin Line
hazy · x.o. Virgo Ox
Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush · The Kick Inside
Mink Coats
Casper Skulls · n/a
Greys · Outer Heaven
Failed Visions
Classic Al
zena · ...and sometimes jazz
Green Glass Room
VATS · Green Glass Room
True Love
Un Blonde · Good Will Come To You
Telstar Drugs · Sonatine
Weight Of The World
White Poppy · n/a
End Of The Night
The Doors · The Doors
zena · ...and sometimes jazz