The Burrow Episode August 8, 2016

Ahh, forgetting we can move within planes of existence

3:01pm - 3:59pm

Music that uplifts.

Track Listing:

Turning Ever Towards the Sun
Wolves in the Throne Room · Celestite
Krallice · Hyperion
Volvens Spadom
Myrkur · Mausoleum
Funeral For My Future Children
Anna Von Hauswolff · Ceremony
Hope is Heavy
Clara Engel · Ashes And Tangerines
Bezel I
Kel Valhaal · New Introductory Lectures on the System of Trancendental Qabbala
Babel · This Is The Sacred Fire
White Mice
Lie · Truth & Consequences
Tunic · Disappointment
Fat White Family · Songs for our Mothers
Part 4
Phillip Glass · Music In Twelve Parts: Parts 3 & 4