The Burrow Episode July 4, 2016

Heaving up good tunes

3:01pm - 3:59pm

Calgary's Dri Hiev help curate the playlist this week. Good Canadian post-punk + whatever other gems I decide to toss in there.

Track Listing:

Herpes Virus To Education For Consumption
Nocturnal Emissions · Drowning In A Sea of Bliss
Last Gen
Dri Hiev · Place To Live
Selfish Acts
Shearing Pinx · Weaponry
Little Man
HSY · single
God Hates A Coward
Frigs · Slush
Records Sleep
Free Kitten · Sentimental Education
Satori I & III
Psychosomatic Itch · S/T
Body Love
Potion · Lukie Lovechild's Videodrone
In Blood
Nun · Nun
Old Girl · Objet a
Cocteau Twins · Victorialand
drink you, brooklyn
Hazy · Virgo ox
Weedopolis 2029
Soupcans · single
Love Offering
Meat Puppets · S/T
Dri Hiev · Contravirtual