The Burrow Episode May 23, 2016

The isolation will eat your whole body

2:58pm - 4:08pm

Just really nice sounds and words. Tribute to Ian Curtis, a classic from under the carpet, French obscurities, folk from the heartland, edifying tales, and the holy spermic brotherhood. Wonderful.

Track Listing:

The Pyre
Body Sculptures · A Body Turns To Eden
Joy Division · Closer
A Certain Ratio · The Graveyard
La Mort Est Humaine
Trop Tard · Photodrame
Jesus Is A Dying Bedmaker
John Fahey · America
Katie I Know
Marissa Nadler · Strangers
Let It Run
Kate Maki · Head In The Sand
Nennen · Two Mountains
Bright Lights
Jackie Lynn · S/T
for Katy P.
Ghosts of the Holy Ghost Spermic Brotherhood · for
Paulo J Ferreira Lopes · Feeze
Hound Tooth
Eschatons · Trading Salt EP