The Burrow Episode February 15, 2016


2:58pm - 3:59pm

Mood music for a dreary, lonesome day. Caroline K, Nocturnal Emissions, and more dark reveries.

Track Listing:

Kathryne Keyron
Corinthian · Insolvent
Animal Lattice
Caroline K · Now Wait For Last Year
Tropic of Cancer · Archive: The Downwards Singles
Diary of Orange, i
Alcrete · Diary of Orange
Labyrinth Fluid
Nocturnal Emissions · Cathedral
Tristan in der Bar
Cluster · Curiosum
Tim Buckley · Starsailor
Dans Laquelle On Investit
Linsey Wellman · Manifesto
You Alright m8
Alex Zhang Hungtai & Austin Milne · Fixture Records 4
Wall · S/T
Holding The Void
So Pitted · Neo
Rat River
Lie · Consent